Assured Career Progression Scheme[4,9,14 years ACP Scheme]

4,9,14 Years ACP Scheme

Assured Career Progression Scheme
Assured Career Progression Scheme
                  This scheme was introduced by the Punjab Government on the recommendations of 5th Punjab pay commission. Let’s discuss in brief about this scheme:-
  • This scheme becomes effective with effect from 1-11-2006.
  • Employees who are in service before 01-01-2006 that is before the application of 5th Punjab Pay commission will have an option either to continue in the existing Assured Career Progression Scheme after a service of 8,16,24,32 years or to opt 4,9,14 years Assured Career Progression Scheme.
  • Employees who have joined on or after 1-1-2006, this scheme is automatically applicable to them means they don’t have to give option as in previous case.
  • "After a service of 4,9 and 14 years in a post or posts in the same cadre (herein after referred to as the same post) and service rendered in the same post in different Government Departments, who is not promoted to a higher level on account of non availability of a vacancy or non existence of a promotional avenue in the cadre, shall be granted the pay scale, which is next, higher in the hierarchy of pay scales given in the column 3 of the first schedule annexed to Revised Pay Rules,1998. On placement in the next higher scale in the hierarchy of pay scales after a service of 4,9 and 14 years, the pay of an employee shall be fixed at the next higher stage in the pay scale and he shall be allowed next increment from the date he would have earned his next increment had he continued in the lower pay scale."
         In simple words we can say that after a service of 4,9,14 years on a post or in same cadre, an employee will get higher grade pay plus one increment. For complete details follow the instructions provided here-under:-
8,16,24,32 Years ACP Scheme

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  1. Can you please discuss whether this rule is applicable for the employees who joined after year 2015 and worked on probation period of 2years after joining. Those two years of probation period will be counted in the service or not while calculating 4,9,14. Please guide

  2. I have completed my fourteen years service in 19 April 2021.I got my four years service increments in August 2012 and then I permoted as lecture in May 2017 and got 2nd increments in May 2017 . Now I have completed my 14 years service. When I will eligible for my third increments

    1. After promotion on the post of lecturer you will again get 4,9 and 14 years ACP

  3. if a clerk get scale of 10300-34800 +3200 in pay revision on 01.12.2011.
    on completion of 4 years of service, does he entitle for one increment+ next grade pay
    only one increment ?

  4. I have got benefit of4,9,14 bcoz i joind job in Aug,2000.I got pay with GP-4600till June 2021,but now our pay fixed grade pay -4400 acc to your dept notice 1.1.2018,as we should get only one increment after completion of 14 yrs service as rule changed. Is it write

  5. I am working as a junior engineer from last 6.5 year joining date is dec. 2014, please suggest for ACP.

    1. You covered under 10,20 Years ACP Scheme. Means you will get acp after 10 years of regular service

  6. What for those who joined after 01.01.2006 .
    Are they eligible for for ACP.

    Is ACP 4 9 14
    applicable in new scales.

    1. For those who joined after 01-01-2006, ACP scheme is automatically applicable to them

  7. Joining as clerk 23.10.2007
    Junior assistant 1.1.2020
    Due 14 years acp 23.10.2021
    Milu ja nai

    1. No. It can't be granted as ACP is stopped by Govt. from 01-07-2021

  8. Is acp applicable in the new pay commission?
    For employees joining in 2021

    1. No. New ACP scheme will be implemented by the Govt.

  9. Date of Joining 24-04-1998
    ACP-9yrs: April 2007
    Placement as junior assistant 01-01-2009 (Only Grade pay increase 3200 to 3600)
    When ACP 14yrs will due

    1. you will get 14 year acp in 2014 with benefit of one increment only as grade is revised in 2011

  10. I have joined as Junior Engineer in Punjab Govt in June'2013. Pl suggest benefit of which scheme i.e ACP notified vide 03.11.2006 or structural pay vide letter no. 01.12.2011, i am eligible for.