Child Care Leave

Child Care Leave

Child Care Leave
Child Care Leave

                         As the name implies, this Leave is given to female government employees to take care of their children. Child Care Leave becomes admissible to female government employees through the Government of Punjab, Department of Personnel letter no.6/26/2011/PP-3/2046 dated 22-12-2011 for the care of their children, assisting in education and for caring during the sick period. After this letter another letter no. 6/26/2011-6PP3/1276 dated: 08-08-2012 is issued by the Department of Personnel. Through this letter, the government clarified some issues regarding the admissibility of Child Care Leave raised by different departments.

Child Care Leave in Punjab Civil Service Rules

With the publication of the new edition of Punjab Civil Rules in 2016, the Department of Finance has made a new rule that is rule 8.128(B) regarding Child Care Leave by Consolidating instructions that are already issued in this regard. As per rule 8.128(B) of Punjab Civil Service Rules Volume 1 Part 1 chapter 8 child care leave is admissible subject to certain provisions of this rule like:-
1.  A Government employee having minor children below the age of eighteen years, maybe granted child care leave for a maximum period of one year(i.e 365 days) during her entire service for taking care of two eldest surviving children, whether for rearing or to look after any of their needs such as examination, sickness and the like, on the production of documentary proof.
2.   Such leave may be granted in more than one spell, but it shall not be granted in more than three spells in a calendar year. However, it shall not be granted for a period of less than fifteen days.
3.    The grant of leave under this rule shall be subject to the provisions of rule 8.15. If exigencies of public service so require, the authority empowered to grant leave may refuse to sanction leave to a government employee or cancel the leave already sanction in any case.
4.  Child care leave shall be sanctioned as in the case of earned leave and no government employee shall proceed on such leave without obtaining prior approval of the competent authority.
5.  Child Care Leave shall not be granted under any circumstances to a Government employee, who remains on unauthorized absence from duty and applies for it. 
6.   During the period of such leave, the Government employee shall be entitled to leave salary equal to the pay drawn immediately before proceeding on leave.
7.  This leave shall not be debited to the regular leave account of the Government employee. However, a separate leave account for this leave shall be maintained in a proforma, as may be specified and the entries related to this leave shall be made in the Service Book of the concerned employee.

Child Care Leave shall not be sanctioned to a female Government employee in case of:-

As per rule 8.128-(B)(8) this leave shall not be sanctioned to a female Government employee:-
(a) Against whom a disciplinary proceeding has been instituted or who is under suspension;or
(b) Who is under probation period.
             Provided that authority power to grant leave may grant leave to such a government employee after considering a medical certificate, countersigned by a medical authority not below the rank of Civil Surgeon to the effect that the minor child is suffering from a serious ailment which warrants mother's immediate personal care; or 
(c) who has been appointed on daily wages, work-charged or contract basis.

Conclusion about Child Care Leave

From the above description of Punjab civil service, it can be concluded that Child Care Leave is admissible up to two elder children only up to the age of 18 years for a maximum period of 365 days. It shall not be granted in more than 3 spells in a calendar year means an employee can take this leave 3 times from 1st January to 31st December of the respective year. It cannot be avail for less than 15 days. This leave cannot be claimed as a matter of right means competent authority can refuse this leave or can cancel already sanctioned leave.

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