Pay Step Up 14-03-2017

Pay Step Up 14-03-2017

Pay Step Up 14-03-2017
Pay Step Up 14-03-2017
                   In this post, we will discuss Punjab Government, Department of Personnel(Personnel Policies-1 branch) letter no. 8/5/2015-3PP1/42 dated: 14-03-2017. This letter is issued regarding the removal of an anomaly by stepping up pay of Senior General category employee at par with Junior Reserve category employee.let's discuss the letter in detail:-

  1. This letter has been addressed to all Heads of Departments in Punjab, Registrar Punjab and Haryana High Court , All the Commissioners of Divisions, All District and Sessions Judges, Deputy commissioners of all Districts and all sub divisional Magistrates(Civil). Deputy Secretory personnel has been directed to draw your attention towards State Government Circular letter no. 4/40/-3PP1/855 Dated 10-10-2014, vide which clarification was issued with the aim that the roster register maintained under the reservation policy is only to provide exact quota to reserved categories. Promotions given to Reserve category employee on the basis of this roster register does not have any effect on the seniority of General category employees.
  2. Some departments seeking clarification by referring cases to the personal department that after modifying seniority lists as per letter dated 10-10-2014, those general category employees which now becomes senior to reserve category employees, Do pay of those general category employees could be stepped at par with reserve category employees?
  3. After considering the matter carefully and in view of above said personnel department letter dated 10-10-14 according to which seniority lists are re-fixed the pay of Senior general category employee shall be stepped up at par with Junior reserve category employee,(who were promoted earlier by the benefit of reservation) on the following conditions:-

  • The pay and allowance shall be admissible on the notional basis to the general category employee with effect from the date of promotion of junior reserve category employee, whereas the actual benefit of stepping up of pay shall be given from his actual date of promotion in that cadre.
  • If an employee will have the benefit of increment less than 3% then his date of increment will remain old and if he gets the benefit of more than one or more increments after step up, then in these cases his date of increment will be as of his junior.
  • An employee will again get step up with that employee with whom he has already stepped up his pay. In case an employee wants to get a step-up of pay with any other employee then it shall not be given without the approval of the personnel department.
  • Cases of officers of Group A and Group B shall be disposed of at the administrative level whereas cases of employees of Group C and Group D shall be disposed of at the level of head of the department.
  • The case of step-up shall be accepted only after vetting from officers of PSAS cadre like Section Officer/ Assistant Controller(Finance and Accounts)/ Deputy Controller(Finance and Accounts). In those departments or offices where officers of these cadres are not available then the cases shall be accepted only after vetting from the officers of Internal Audit(Head Office) or Finance Department Audit Branch of the office at the district level and subsequently the same shall be approved by the competent authority.
   4. This letter has been issued after the consent given by the Finance Department vide it's I.D.L No. 6/17/2016-1FP2/841525/1 dated 16-09-2016.

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  1. If class 4 reserve category employee who drawing 870 basic pay in 10/1990 appointed as clerk in 7/1991 and get initial pay scale of clerk 1000 in pay scale 950-1800. He is junior in the list of clerk who appointed in 2/1990 and draws 1050 in 7/1991 . in 1998 reserve category employee got promotion as senior assistant and other general clerk got their promotion in 2013 and they draw less pay from junior reserve category employee. department revise the seniority list as per letter dated 10/10/2014 now letter dated 14/3/17 will implement in this case or not ? ? ?

    Department said the junior reserve category not appointed as direct clerk therefore benefit cant be given to senior employees is this correct ?

    1. No. The Senior employee in re-determined seniority will never get less pay than his/her Junior as per settled law by Hon'ble Supreme Court.

    2. As per settled law by Hon'ble Supreme Court in many cases the senior employee will never get less pay than his junior employee promoted earlier.