Direct recruitment in Punjab after 15-01-15

Direct recruitment in Punjab after 15-01-15
Direct recruitment in Punjab after 15-01-15

               Prior to 15th January 2015, newly recruited employees received full pay with allowance as per old service rules and other benefits such as medical reimbursement were also admissible. 
                  But for the appointment of employees to provide more employment opportunities to the educated and unemployed youth, keeping in view the financial crisis of the state, Government has made amendments in Punjab civil service rules volume-1 part-1.
            After this lots of letters were issued regarding the pay of newly appointed employees. In this post, we will discuss all the letters one by one:-

Minimum of pay band on direct recruitment

                  Punjab government has issued a letter regarding fixation of pay of newly recruited employees on 15-01-2015. According to the letter for the first two years of probation(if not extended) an employee will be entitled to Minimum of pay band only. 
                  For example, if a newly appointed Clerks Joins today then according to the pay scale of the post of Clerk 10300-34800+3200 he will get pay Rs. 10300/- only and no other allowance is admissible except travelling allowance.

Candidates recruited at the same time after 15-01-15

                 If candidates against the vacant post of direct recruitment, are selected from the same recruitment process and are from the same batch, many of whom given appointment letter prior to instructions dated 15-01-15 and many later, they will receive full wages according to the old rules.

If the recruitment process completed after 15-01-15 

               In this letter Government of Punjab clarified if the recruitment process for filling up the vacancies started before the issuance of instructions dated 15-01-15.
              Means, the test or interview had been conducted even though the recruitment process completed after the issuance of instructions or the attendance report is given later, in such cases the instructions of 15-1-15 will not apply means they will be entitled to full pay.

DC/Labour rates on direct recruitment:-

                   The finance department of Punjab Government in this letter written that if the wages of employees is less than the DC/labour rates during the period of probation then, in that case, their wages should be kept equal to DC/Labour rates.

Applied on the compassionate ground before 15-01-15

                All the employees who had applied on the compassionate ground prior to instructions dated 15-01-2015, will be entitled to full pay as per earlier letter no.7/204/2012-4FP1/935 dated 15-10-15.

Interim Relief to employees who recruited after 15-01-15

                   In this letter Government of Punjab clarified that employees who have been recruited on a regular basis at the rate of a minimum of pay band in terms of letter dated 15-01-2015 shall be eligible for Interim Relief.
                      The interim relief shall be paid at the rate of 5% of the minimum of pay band applicable to them. The amount so worked out shall be added to the pay already drawn by them at the rate of a minimum of pay band or DC rate, whichever is being drawn by them.
                       For example, if a clerk is drawing Rs. 12552/- as DC/Labour rate in pay scale 10300-34800+3200 grade pay then interim relief will be calculated at the rate of 5% of the minimum of pay band that is 10300. So from 01-01-2017(as IR admissible from 01-01-17), the pay of Clerk will be as follows:-
Minimum of Pay band or DC Rate = 12,552/-(It may vary, kindly check it from
                             Interim Relief = 515-00
          Total pay from 01-01-2017 =  13,067/-.

Government accommodation facility to direct recruitees after 15-01-15

                 In this letter Government of Punjab has decided that the newly recruited regular employees of the Government of Punjab, who are being paid salary @ basic pay (minimum of the pay band) or DC/Labour rate as per Finance Department's instructions dated 15.1.2015 and dated 21.12.2015, be allowed to avail government accommodation the facility by deducting Licence fee @ 5% of the basic pay plus percentage of House Rent Allowance as permissible to the confirmed employees at their station of posting.

Medical reimbursement to newly recruited employees after 15-01-15

               It is clarified by the Government that employees who have been recruited against the posts of direct quota after 15-01-15, to whom grade pay, annual increment or any other allowance except travelling allowance is not admissible during the period of probation as per finance department instructions, to those employees medical reimbursement is also not available during the period of probation.

Pay protection after 15-01-15

              It has been written in this letter by the government that if any employee was employed in Punjab government before the new appointment and his lien has also been kept on a previous post, Then during the period of probation on a new post he will draw pay which he was drawing on his previous post under the government and in no case, he should not be paid more than the pay of his previous post.

                 We hope this article helps a lot the newly recruited employees. For any kind of query post your comments below.

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  1. Kind clarify that the employee recruited after 15.01.15 is eligible for ACP after completing his 4 year service.. joining date sep 2016 probation clear date sep 2018 and four year service sep 2020

  2. If a person is working outside the punjab state and got the NOC from the present institute.... Is they will be eligible for pay protection or not

    1. One must be in govt job for pay protection under the state. for the UoI job, only certain categories r permitted. none else.

  3. If employees working in another department in Punjab govt as irrigation booking patwari applied for clerk in psssb. Then pay protection rule applied or not as these post both lies in group c category ie 10300-34800+3200.

  4. Sir govt job and my file and appointment latter submitted years 2006 in office .Im a death case employed. My jouning date 16.4.2018 .Should I get full salary as per letter dated 15.1.2015 or apply 3 years probation period

  5. Full salary will be only if you have applied for the post before 15-01-2015