Today in this article we will discuss the very popular term "Probation". Many of the newly recruited and promoted employees are very familiar with this word.
            Actually, Probation means testing. Employees are tested during the first one or two years of service to check that are they fit for the post or not. The probation of every employee appointed or promoted to a post is determined by rule 7 of  "General and Common Condition Service Rules 1994".
              Let's study the following things regarding probation:-

Main aspects of ProbationWho is a Probationer? Emoluments during probation do the period of probation countable for increments? Extension in Probation period practical example of Probation

                  Every newly recruited employee should know about the said things because the period of probation is very crucial and an employee should perform his or her duty very carefully. let's read those ones.

Main aspects of Probation

  1. The probation of each employee appointed directly or promoted to a post of Group A, B, and C is determined by rule 7 of General and Common Condition Rules,1994.
  2. If a person is recruited by direct appointment then he shall remain on probation for a period of two years and one year if appointed otherwise. For example in the case of promotion.
  3. Any kind of leave not exceeding six months during or at the end of probation shall be counted towards the period of probation.
  4. On completion of the probation period, the appointing authority may confirm such person from the date of appointment or from the date he completes his probation period satisfactorily and declare that he has completed his probation satisfactory.
  5. If in the opinion of appointing authority the work and conduct of an employee have not been satisfactory or if he has failed to pass the departmental examination then dispense him with his service, if appointed by direct appointment and if appointed otherwise revert him to his former post; or extend his period of probation.
            Provided that total period of probation including extension, if any, shall not exceed three years.

Who is a Probationer?

            As per rule 2.49 of the Punjab Civil Service Rules volume 1 part 1, Probationer means a Government employee employed on probation in or against a substantive vacancy in the cadre of a department.

Emoluments during probation

                Emoluments mean grade pay, special pay, annual increment, or any other allowance. All the Government employees except a member of the service of the Punjab Civil Service (Judicial Branch), specialist doctors, and the employees covered under clause (a) of rule 4.4, shall be entitled to receive the fixed monthly emoluments, during the period of his probation.
          The expression “fixed monthly emoluments” means the amount drawn monthly by a Government employee equal to the minimum of the pay band of the service or post to which he is appointed.

Does the period of probation countable for increments?

                          As per rule 4.1 of CSR volume 1 part 1, when the services of a Government employee, who was receiving fixed monthly emoluments during the period of probation are confirmed, the period spent on probation by him, shall not be treated to be the time spent on the time scale applicable to his post.
                      This means that period of probation who receives fixed monthly emoluments does not count for increments and ACP.

Extension in Probation Period

             The probation period of an employee may be extended due to the following reasons:-
  • If the work or conduct has not been satisfactory
  • If he or she failed to pass the departmental examination.
  • When an employee has taken without pay leave without a medical certificate.
  • Any kind of leave is beyond six months.
              According to personnel department letter no.1/04/2018-1PP1/63 dated 20-06-2018, only the leave which is countable for qualifying service is also countable for the period of probation. 
            Extra-ordinary leave(without pay leave) taken otherwise than on medical certificate is not countable for qualifying service therefore it is also not countable for the period of probation.

A practical example of Probation

                  Suppose Mrs. A has joined on 15-12-2015 forenoon and her period of probation is of two years. Now in the normal course, she will complete her probation on 14-12-2017. But she has taken the following leaves during the period of probation:-
  1. Without pay leave without a medical certificate from 1-3-16 to 31-03-2016. 
  2. Maternity leave from 01-05-2016 to 31-10-2016.
  3. Half pay leave from 01-11-2016 to 30-11-2016.
              Now the question is when her probation will be completed. Her probation will be completed on 14-02-2018 due to the reasons as described below:-
  • Without pay leave without a medical certificate of one month because it is not counted for the purpose of qualifying service
  • The total period of both the leaves that is maternity and half pay is more than six months. So Total period of leave- six months=7-6 i.e 1 month.
               Therefore the total period of probation will be extended by two months and thus she will complete the probation on 14-02-2018.
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  1. Would seniority be affected if an employee avail more than 6 months leave during probation

    1. Yes. Probation will be extended for the time which is beyond 6 months. For complete knowledge read our FAQs Section.

    2. Thanks a lot for your reply. Would seniority of such an employee be affected from other employees who got promoted alongwith above employee. Any rule, notification or guidelines etc. For reference

  2. Is two year minimum wages/minimum pay scale (Probation period) Period including in experience for SAS EXAMINATION.

    1. Yes. Because you are in regular govt. employment

  3. HI,
    Can you please guide on how to get confirmation after successfully completing probation???
    How much time it takes to get confirmation letter after getting probation clearance letter.
    Any procedure needs to be followed for this?
    Kindly reply...

    1. procedure is explained in the topic and time taken for confirmation it depends upon your dealing assistants.

  4. Sir, i was recuited in punjab government through probation period ended on 9-1-2020,but i have not yet received my confirmation orders and government is still paying me basic salary.My question is that is there any rule which prescribes that probation period is automatically cleared if not extended?

    1. You have no need to worry about probation because it is cleared as you completed two years. Give written representation to your office in this regard.

  5. Sir I was recruited on 06/08/2018 and my probatition will be completed on 05/08/2021.I have already taken 180 days without pay medical leave and now I want to take maternity leave from 01/07/2021.So when will my probatition period be completed?

  6. Sir I was recruited on 06/08/2018 and my probatition period will be completing on 05/08/2021.I have already taken 180 days medical leave and now I want to take maternity leave on 01/07/ when Will my probatition period complete?

  7. Please some examples on salary in prohibition period.

    I am applying for PSPCL revenue accountant job but confused about the salary structure in prohibition period.

  8. Sir I was recruited on 01/05/2018 and I completed 53 days basic training from 01/05/2018 to 22/06/2018 but I was called for duty on 16/08/2018. The probationary period has ended on 01/05/2021 but I have received the basic salary from 01/05/2021 to 01/06/2021. Let me know if my probation is over

  9. if probation period of an employee is extended for 3 months, then his/her 4 years ACP will go further for 3 months ? or Not

    1. No. ACP will be given from due date but for that period arrear will not be granted

  10. What if alongside maternity leave a person have taken 40 days Commuted leave with medical certificate, her probation period will be extended for 40 days??

  11. Sir, what all conditions we have to see before cleaning the probationary period of an employee? For example:-ACR’s or NRC’s. And under what Pb. Govt. letter? Tell me pl. I will be highly thankful to you.

    1. ACRs, NRCs, Departmental exam or type test passed or not

  12. Sir, What all conditions we have to see before clearing the period of probation of an employee? For example ACR’s or NRC’s and under Pb. Govt. what letter? Pl. tell me soon . I will be highly thankful to you.

  13. Sir I joined Government job in 2010 and there I got confirmation. In 2018 I joined another department by Direct recruitment through proper channel under 3 year probation on the salary on LPC in my previous department. in my previous department I have a pending chargesheet under enquiry. In my new department I have no pending enquiry but this department is not going to confirm me due to previous department charge-sheet. Please guide me what can I do?

  14. Sir......Please clarify one thing ..... If the probation period of the employee is coming to an end on 30th September but he goes on maternity leave on 20th September then Her probation period will be clear in time according to rules........... but will she get full salary in maternity leave? Meaning after clearance of probation period on 30th September.....which salary will she recieve in leaves?

  15. Sir i was appointed in PSPCL in August 2018 by direct recruitment as SSA post .
    My probation period is complete in August 2021.
    Now i got selected in PSTCL as Junior engineer by direct recruitment..
    Did my probation period counts or i have to complete probation period again ?
    Please help

    1. you have to again clear probation as post of Junior Engineer is higher than SSA and also pay scale is higher, so yeah you have to complete the probation again. although your pay will be protected

  16. Sir, without pay leave without medical certificate counted in probation period or not

    1. Sir please also clarify, if person taken 13 days (less than 15 days which is not applicable in medical leave) without pay leave with medical certificate, does it counts or not?

    2. If you take leave on medical grounds then it is countable for every purpose

  17. Sir do you have any official letter regarding this leave (without pay with medical certificate) or any rule in CSR for probations, i need it urgent

  18. Sir, a person is without pay leave for 14 days during 3 year probation on medical grounds, service counts for probation or not?

  19. Sir, a person is taken maternity leave during 3 year probation on the medical grounds, does the service counts in probation period or not? Is this leave with pay or without pay during probation period

  20. Sir a woman taken maternity leave during the 3 years probation on medical grounds, service counts for probation or not? Also tell me please is this leave with pay or without pay