SAS Solved Questions-1

                    With the growing demand of the SAS aspirants, we are going to start practical questions from SAS's previous year papers.
               We are receiving so many emails and messages regarding SAS examination. So our team has felt that to help those employees we should start solving practical questions from SAS previous year papers.
                    As you are aware of the fact that SAS exam consists of practical questions to the extent of 75% out of 100. Sometimes the paper of the Punjab Civil Service rules contains 80 to 85% of practical questions. That is the main reason this paper is considered to be the most difficult of Part-1.
                You can study theoretically from books but to become efficient practically, it is very difficult without coaching or without somebody's help.
                    So from this article, we are going to start solving practical questions from previous year papers of SAS. We hope this helps you a lot. 
                    Let's start the main topic. We are today going to solve question number 6 from the Question paper of the Punjab Civil Service Rules of September 2016.

Q:6 Fix the pay of Mr. Y from the following biodata:-
Appointed as Superintendent Grade-II in the pay scale of 10300-34800+4200 grade pay on 07-01-2019. He was promoted Superintendent grade-I in the pay scale of 15600-39100+5400 grade pay w.e.f 17-12-2011. He was further promoted as under secretary in the pay scale of 15600-39100+6600 grade pay w.e.f 19-11-2015. He exercised an option for the fixation of pay on promotion under Rule 11 of Punjab Civil Service(Revised Pay) rules 2009 with the condition that he may be given two increments on the date of the next increment. His service record was adjudged as very good and nothing was adverse against him, which prevent the department to deny promotion or higher scale under ACP.     (15 Marks)
Ans:    The Pay of Mr. Y will be fixed as under:-

SAS Solved Question September 2016
SAS Solved Question September 2016

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  1. good afternoon sir,
    solved question helpful. more practical questions with solutions will clear the concepts with rules. calculations done may be shown alongwith solution may be more helpful.
    A PDF file of practical questions and solutions with calculations rules applied with logic may be prepared.
    If services for typing required I may be available on weekly off day / after duty hours in public interest if permitted.

  2. Could you please provide detailed solution with rules and calculation🙏🙏🙏

    1. Solution is in details and rules are mentioned in remarks

  3. Milkfed emplyee eligible for exam?

    1. Yes. Read Regulations for the SAS exam topic available on the website.

  4. Thanku sir.. can u help us to get answers of all questions.

  5. Thanks sir,very elaborately explained.In question year in starting is wrong it should be 2009 instead of 2019. Just in starting it poked mind.

  6. Is regular senior lab attendent of education department is eligible for this examination?

  7. Sir, can you provide the solutions of all questions of CSR Paper and CAC paper of July 2022